A truly creepy costume that puts scarecrows in a new terrifying light.  This is not farmer John’s scarecrow to keep the crows away but will scare up some shrieks when people see him.

The Wicked of Oz Skarecrow Adult Costume will add a new dimension to freakishness when you show up at a Halloween party wearing this scary costume. Even the spelling of scarecrow is unique to this costume being spelled skarecrow.

This scarecrow isn’t lamenting about not having a brain and is instead blowing everyone’s mind with this outlandish costume.

This costume includes a terrifying mask with red stitching and nail accents, a patched up shirt with fringe, matching pants with red stitching, and a witch-style hat.   You can also get accessories like the scythe and the crow.

Available in adult sizes medium and large.  This costume is made to be baggy and loose fitting.   This is a great choice out of many scarecrow costumes.

More and more costumes are mixing different parts of different costumes to come up with a unique and scary outfit.  This costume has a little of the Wizard of Oz scarecrow with witch-style hat, some of the grim reaper with the scythe accessory, and a little pirate with the crow accessory.