The character of the scarecrow in the movie Batman Begins was actually named Dr. Jonathan Crane, who was an unstable person and a scary figure.

Now you can be that scary figure with the Batman Begins Scarecrow Deluxe Adult Costume and find a Batman to torment at a Halloween party.   This is not your garden variety scarecrow, but instead this is a sinister and diabolical scarecrow.  

This deluxe costume includes a long robe with attached straps, shirtfront, pants and a terrifying scarecrow character mask.

This costume is available in adult sizes of medium, large and x-large.

This is an officially licensed costume from the movie.

This is a great choice out of many scarecrow costumes available.

The popularity of Batman Begins and the character of the scarecrow has brought the idea of what a scarecrow is to a new height.  The scarecrow is no longer just a friendly looking human-like figure full of straw. There is now  a new wide range of types of scarecrows.

The Batman character started out in the comics, was made into a popular tv series, and a hit movie series.  But, the most popular Batman came with the release of Batman Begins and its sequel The Dark Knight.  This brought the superhero to new heights of popularity along with the evil scarecrow.